Additional Services

These services are to help strengthen the client's security posture by addressing present and potential vulnerabilities, performing risk assessments and IT/Security audits, simulating attacks to test system resiliency and triage for breach events. Glenn Offensive LLC is certified to perform the tasks associated with these services.

Cyber Security Services

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Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management provides vulnerability coverage with real-time continuous assessment of your organization. We provide threat intelligence, address real-time exposures and proactively prioritize remediations for mitigation.

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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

This service provides the customer with a forensic expert report and testimony, if needed,  after investigating systems for specific requested events or post mortem breach incident. 

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IT Security Audit

IT Secuirty Audit is a thorough probe of the IT system in place for risks, access, appropriate privilege and any other inappropriate permissions that may put the business at risk. 

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Ethical Hacking

This service will provide the client with a overview of potential gaps in the attack surface that could succumb to a break. We are certified to perform the associated tasks. 

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